November 6, 2020

Staff Photoshoot


Robert Arnone

It may have seemed counterintuitive to think about advancing the business and building the brand in November of 2020, but we believed that forging ahead with the development of a new website, curating content and plotting the evolution of our brand message was important to keep the practice focused.

But how do you actually plan and execute a photoshoot for the staff during these challenging times?

First, you make health and safety the number one priority. Next, you rent an 8,000 square foot warehouse with good air movement and ample interior volume to create the environment for the day. After you plan entrance and exit routes that don't conflict, you create a check-in protocol complete with a touch-free screening questionnaire. Next, you set up your stage with ample distance between photographer and subject, mark the floor with social distance decals and send out invitations with time between appointments to keep all forty members of the team safe and secure.

We are pleased to report that the day was enormously successful.

With thanks to our photographer: Annie Maria Arnone, and The Symes, Toronto.