December 13, 2023

Congratulations to our two new Principals


RH Carter Architects

We are excited to announce that Shawn Houghtling and John Sinopoli have moved into roles as Principals of RH Carter Architects.

Their respective experiences and exceptional design and management skills have helped lead and grow the firm over the past several years. We are excited to see them continue to develop the firm as it continues to strive for excellence in all areas. Through their leadership the practice is on course to continue to grow well into the future and to continue to commit itself to design excellence and to providing our clients with the highest level of service.

Shawn Houghtling

Shawn leads the national design program management team and the customer experience division of the practice. His decades in the industry have seen him develop and launch numerous national initiatives, all with great success. Shawn is also committed to mentoring young talent through our college and university co-op and programs. Throughout his career, he has travelled around the world, building business relationships in Vietnam, Japan, Korea, several countries throughout Europe, and in cities throughout the United States.

John Sinopoli

John leads the production team as it develops projects throughout Ontario, from the design phase through to construction. He brings a unique talent and strength to the role with his broad knowledge of each stage of the development process from design development, applications and submissions, tender and selection, through to the construction process. John has helped re-invent the practice with his team approach to project development that brings our clients valuable and cost-efficient project solutions. As a Principal at RH Carter Architects, John leads design & construction projects throughout southern Ontario and continues to mentor and develop staff along the way.