April 8, 2021

Why it's time to get in the intrapreneurial spirit.


Robert Arnone

An intrapreneur is defined as “an employee of a company who is given the freedom and support to create new products, services, systems, etc., and does not have to follow the corporation's usual routines or protocols.”

An intrapreneur is a disrupter by definition. They look to assist in disrupting the status quo, albeit without malice, and are becoming more and more necessary as businesses seek to evolve and survive. As the rate of change in most business environments continues to run at an accelerated rate compared to the pace seen only decades ago, those that do not create the environment for innovation and do not bend and morph to the forces of change risk being left behind.

Simply put, change is a constant in business and when it isn’t, it should be.

Creating new products and services and working internally to redefine and evolve have become keys to longevity and relevance. While being relevant in your respective field has always been essential, leading in your field requires that you nurture and promote intrapreneurial behaviour.

Creating an intrapreneurial culture within one’s business and nurturing growth from within is the clearest path to productive change. The employees that a business takes on to help with current projects could become essential contributors to that company’s growth and future business. This process starts with the job interview and developing questions that identify intrapreneurial behaviour, rather than stifle it. Evolving and perfecting this process could be the difference between hiring staff who take care of business and hiring staff who help create business, or better yet, help create the internal evolution that is necessary for a resilient business model.

The hiring process for most small businesses is the single most undervalued and overlooked business opportunity. It is a process that is ripe for re-invention; where questions like “What are your strengths?” or “How many years of experience do you have?” should be replaced with “How can you help us change?”, “What concepts can you bring to our business that can make us better?” and “How do you see our practice changing through technology?”

At RH Carter Architects, we have believed for some time, that we are defined by our exceptional staff. Years ago, we changed our focus and made a decision to hire only the best people available in the industry and to make that our priority. Our staff continue to help us reinvent, grow and innovate, and they represent the greatest reason for our success.