August 1, 2022

Re-use & Re-cycling Matters


RH Carter Architects

Moving from our old location to our new offices was a significant undertaking, made more challenging by the amount of paper and samples that a firm our size would have accumulated and stored for over 20 years.

We were so proud to have made our move with the environment in mind. Paper shredding and re-cycling replaced garbage bins and trash. Every desk and filing cabinet that did not make it to our new space found a new home. Storage cabinets, television monitors, chairs and even file folders were purposely relocated or donated to offices and individuals who needed them.

But we even went further.

Dayna Konopelny the firm's Customer Experience Coordinator responsible for Design & Research, took on the challenge of finding a home for our materials and samples that were either dated or duplicates or not useful to us anymore. 518.2 pounds of samples to be exact. Partnering with the Creative Zone, a charitable organization run by Family Day Care Services and the Peel District School Board, Dayna found a home for our samples and helped turn what would have been trash into a coveted and much appreciated treasure for a group of educators.

And she didn't stop there.

Dayna dropped off an additional 34.8 pounds of carpet samples off at the Markham Textile Recycling Depot, diverting those samples from a landfill and contributing to the 3.5 million pounds of textiles that this wonderful and worthwhile initiative in Markham re-cycles per year.

In total we found a home for 553 pounds of samples, diverting them from a landfill, and shredded and recycled 20 bins of paper and drawings during our move.

When it comes to re-use and re-cycling, sometimes it's the little things - and sometimes it's 553 pounds of things - that matter.