Batoll Nassery

Batoll Nassery is a designer responsible for developing concepts and renderings for a large national retail design program. Batoll joined RH Carter Architects in 2022 and is concurrently completing a bachelor's degree in design. With a background in technical drafting, Batoll enthusiastically participates in architectural design competitions to showcase a diverse portfolio and continually expand her skill sets.  

In her leisure time, she takes pleasure in designing and decorating spaces, engaging in mindful exercise and fitness activities, and exploring new destinations through travel.  

Batoll lives by the renowned words that remind us we have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we have only one. She believes that discovering one's purpose is driven by passion and the joy of embracing each day with enthusiasm. Batoll is on a path to continuing her education with a goal to enroll in a Master of Architecture program with an aim towards ultimately becoming a licensed architect.