Georgian BMW-MINI
Client: Georgian BMW     Location: 200 Essa Road, Barrie, Ontario     Size: 24,000 square feet         Cost: n/a

Georgian BMW-MINI is a 24,000 square foot automotive retail facility, located in Barrie, Ontario, designed and built to BMW-MINI’s exacting Retail Facility Standards. For BMW Canada Inc., the dealership is a vital contact point between the customer and the brand. The integration of sales, service, after-sales and events gives dealerships a multifunctional character. As a BMW Canada Inc. nationally-approved project architect, R.H. Carter Architects worked closely with both BMW and the local retailer to ensure that this new facility, situated in a highly visible position adjacent to HWY 400, was designed to support a specific planning volume (annual car sales), with appropriate space allocation for both sales and service areas.


BMW-MINI facilities are customer oriented, designed to enhance brand experience and client retention. The architecture creates the framework for the brand presentation, while the Outdoor and Indoor Communications Systems (OCS & ICS respectively), present the product in a specific way to provide visitors with a rich and varied experience.


By addressing both the exterior and interior environments, OCS and ICS are able to create an emotional, powerful and impressive brand experience for the customer.