Bladen Wing Addition – University of Toronto Scarborough Campus
Client: University of Toronto     Location: 1265 Military Trail, Toronto, Ontario     Size: 1,679 square feet         Cost: n/a

In response to a newly created pedestrian path of travel, the Bladen Wing Addition creates an improved and fully accessible entrance to the north-east corner of the University campus. The new entrance lobby and elevator core are designed to serve as a landmark for the new East Court Arrival area.  Bold visual cues are essential in conveying both the “brand message” and serving as a powerful way-finding tool. Design elements, such as colour, expressive building form, material selection and signage, can be utilized to illustrate a building’s intended purpose or use.


Located on the University of Toronto Scarborough campus, the project is an addition to the existing four floors on the north- east corner of the Bladen Wing. The primary function of this infill addition is to accommodate a pedestrian entrance as well as house a new pedestrian/ freight elevator serving all four levels of the Bladen Wing.


Although the contemporary use of glass and metal siding serves as a delicate counterpoint to the béton brut wall of the existing Bladen Wing, the materiality of the proposed addition was designed to create a dialogue with the entirety of the built context of the campus. In addition to allowing natural light into each level, the floor-to-ceiling glazing is intended to emphasize a sense of visual openness and transparency at the end of double-loaded corridors on each level.


The addition conforms to the requirements of the Ontario Building Code for energy design with special attention paid to maximizing energy efficiency. Effective coordination with the required consultants resulted in a development that implements the most efficient HVAC, lighting and building envelope systems.